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There is a need for Mobile Tanners throughout New Zealand to meet the demands of our new craze sweeping the country.

Call 0800 SPRAYTANZ (777 298) for more information!

Start a Spray Tanning Business

Call us today 0800 SPRAYTANZ (777 298)

Spray tanning is a great business opportunity, with flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.

As people become aware of the risks of over-exposure to the sun or UV rays, many are looking for safer ways to tan. While there are plenty of tanning salons that offer the traditional tanning beds, over the past few years spray tanning, or airbrush tanning, has gained popularity . Starting a spray tanning business is extremely lucrative for an outgoing entrepreneur who is willing to learn how to operate a spray tanning machine (or hire someone who is). Start-up costs can be fairly low, particularly if you start a mobile spray tanning business.

Spraytanz has supported many people setting up a tanning service to meet the needs of these clients, here are some ideas to get you started.

Decide on the type of business:

Determine if you will operate a mobile or fixed business. A mobile spray tanning business can save on overheads, but it means you will need to go to your customers.Write up a business plan to help you identify your target market, your competition, any potential roadblocks and what the financial commitment will be.

Find your location:

If your spray tanning business will be fixed, look for high traffic locales such as shopping plazas near universities and apartments. Your tanning salon should be convenient for customers.

Incorporate your business and protect yourself. Contact your local accountant, enterprise centre or do some research on Google, there are many companies in NZ who can provide you with great business start up advice.

Purchase your equipment and supplies:

For a mobile business, salon or spa, visit Spraytanz.co.nz Online Shop and check out their complete spray tanning kits; they includes everything you need to set yourself up in a spray tanning business, including: HVLP spray tanning system, spray tanning solution, tanning care products and disposables. Click HERE to check out our business kits.

You may also need a merchant account such as those offered by your local bank so that you can accept EFTpos or credit cards. Other supplies that you may need for your business include display cases for any accessories you may sell (such as lotions), invoice receipts, a cash register, signage, business cards, tropical plants and other supplies to help create your storefront theme.

You may also need to look into getting some Liability insurance, contact your local insurance broker for more details.

Become an Expert:

It is vital that you become knowledgeable about spray tanning. Take a spray tan training course. Some of your customers may be sensitive to the products you use. A spray tan training course can help you understand skin preparation, important ingredients and application of the solution.

Spraytanz run a Spray Tanning 101 Workshop at the Training Studio in Albany on Auckland's North Shore.

Click HERE to find out more.

Calculate your costs:

Ring around a few salons in your area and find out what the average charge is for a spray tan. This is the 'market rate' and is what you should charge. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if you chargeless you will get more clients, that way people are only coming to you because you are cheaper and when someone else offers a tan for less then you lose those clients.

Never devalue yourself, you are offering a service and there is no reason why you should not sell your services at the market rate. You can offer an introductory discount as long as you remember it's always easier to reduce your prices than to increase them!

Market Your Business:

Advertise your spray tanning business on Yellow, Google Maps, in local online directories, on bulletin boards at Laundromats, on college campuses and at grocery stores. Advertise on Trade Me, the radio and in newspapers. Create a profile on the vast range of social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Consider starting a website that includes a booking form so clients can book direct.
To find clients you just have to ask yourself some pretty basic questions like: Where do my clients shop? What do they read? Where do they go? Finding clients for this service is just about putting your advertisements where they are. A lot of your clients probably do at least some of the following; they shop, they go to the gym, they read health and beauty magazines, etc. 

Post A4 leaflets on notice boards or distribute our Client Information Leaflets (with your contact details on the reverse) to hand out to people. We also have our 0800 Service to help you develop a client base.
With any new business of this type, a good place to start is with friends and family. Check out your Contact List in your mobile phone and send them all a text inviting them for a spray tan. It's a great starting place.

Provide Great Customer Care:

Attitude is 95% of any sale so be nice! Your location and the customer service that you provide will determine whether or not your business is a success. Being friendly and knowledgeable about your products will assure customers that you are a professional and ensure repeat business. Networking is extremely important in this industry.
Offer your clients exactly what you would want - Great Service! If your appointment is at 2PM, then you need to make sure that you are there, set up, and have informed the client of everything before your session begins. You need to be ready to actually begin spraying by 2PM, which shows that you place a high value on the clients' time. Offer them tanning care products, i.e. everything that they will need before, during, and after their tanning session with you. Show you are passionate about their tan and how they maintain it.

If you take that kind of care of your clients, they will take care of you. They will be loyal to you and also refer lots of new clients your way.

Create a Unique Selling Point:

Offer potential clients something different or unique e.g. 'A No Gossip Policy'. In other words, what is said and seen in a tanning session, stays in a tanning session. Simply something different about your service that will attract new clients and keep them returning to you.


ALWAYS ask clients for a testimonial. Word of mouth referrals are the most powerful form of advertising! If you do set up on Facebook, you can ask your clients to become your FANS, they can then put REVIEWS on your Facebook page for potential clients to read.


Should you choose to Go Mobile you have probably already recognised that this is a huge growth area both in New Zealand and Australia.

Busy lifestyles mean people don't always have the time to make appointments or fit a visit to a salon into their hectic work schedules. Having a spray tan in the comfort and convenience of your own home, offers privacy and discretion plus savings in time that is worth paying a premium for.

Click HEREto check out our 'GO MOBILE Business Kit'

Select locations for your mobile unit. In addition to visiting your clients' homes, consider setting up a temporary shop at fairs, flea markets, gym parking lots, check out hotels and shopping centers. Ensure that each location is properly zoned in advance, to avoid any fines. You may be need a temporary vendor's license for each location, so be sure to check in advance.

Make a name for yourself. Introduce yourself to local business owners who may be interested in exchanging clients, like local Salons.

Promote 'Tanning Parties' they are becoming extremely popular. Hosts plan a fun night @ their place, get a few friends round to have a spray tan, and the Mobile Tanner sprays everyone on the night and then sprays the Host for FREE!

But remember to ALWAYS keep yourself safe. Let someone know where you are going and have some kind of alarm system on you just in case!

We hope this page helped you make a decision. If you need any more information about developing the Entrepreneur within you - call us on 0800 SPRAYTANZ(777 298) don't hesitate to contact us. We love to chat about spray tanning, it's our passion!

And don't forget to check out our FEEDBACK page and see what others have to say about Spraytanz.

Or click HERE to Contact us

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