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Go Mobile Biz Kit product picture

Spray Tan Business Kits

Go Mobile Biz Kit

Your ready to run 'Go Mobile' spray tanning kit! 

Product Options :

Weight/size : 14kg

Price : $1,475.00+gst
Qty :

Total : $1,475.00 (+gst)

Go Mobile Biz Kit

Having recognised the growth in the Mobile Spray Tanning market we have put together this excellent package which offers real value for anyone wanting to start up as Mobile Spray Tanner.

Your new business can leverage off our Spraytanz brand:

  • Promote your business every time you drive your car with our stunning branded Magnetic Car Signs.
  • Pack everything up in our stunning branded Mobile Kit Bag and your ready to go

Your 'Go Mobile Biz Kit'includes:

  • 1 x MiniMistTM T100 True Spray HVLP Tanning System
  • 1 x 3.2mtr SureFlow Air Hose with SlimFlex design to reduce operator fatigue
  • 1 x Advanced, user friendly, MiniMistTM Mist Applicator
  • 1 x MiniMistTM Instruction Manual
  • 1 x POP-UP Tent c/w Roof, Windows and Extractor Flap(210cm high x 150cm wide x 120cm deep
  • 1 x Mobile Kit Bag with Spraytanz Logo
  • 1 x Pair Spraytanz Magnetic Car Signs (with your Mobile Phone Number)
  • 4 x 500ml  COCOtanz  (one of each strength) 'Absolutely Stunning' Solution - Made in New Zealand
  • 1 x 500ml Sassytanz Rapid (2Hr Wash Off) - Made in New Zealand
  • 1 x 500ml COCO 'T' (Contains no active ingredients, simply wash off after practice session)
  • 1 x Pack Tanning Care Products
  • 1 x Pack Disposable Products
  • 1 x Pack Client Information Leaflets
  • 1 x Pack Client Reward/Loyalty Cards
  • 12-months Warranty and Business Support!

This excellent value Go Mobile Biz Kit includes the MiniMistTM Turbo spray system, where gorgeous sunless tanning begins.  This tanning system is an ideal system for low-med usage (15-30 sprays per week)

5 Great reasons to use the MiniMistTM:

    • Because the MiniMistTM offers you much greater value in revenue. You should get a minimum of 25 sprays from 1 Litre of solution. Some of our clients can get over 30 sprays!
    • Because the MiniMistTM has a high powered motor combined with a fine .5mm needle which is correctly atomised to ensure the tanning solution supplies a very low PSI. The combined result is a fine soft mist that gently caresses your clients skin. Your clients will love their experience.

    • Because the MiniMistTM is a lightweight dream to use it is not overpowered or underpowered like other systems which have been adapted to suit the spray tanning market. Your client is guaranteed great results every time!

    • Because the MiniMistTM  has an two-part airhose for advanced air flow giving you speedier application times. This with the addition of a flexible hose cleverly designed to reduce operator fatigue.

    • Because your clients deserve a superior spraying experience. When they get that you can be sure they will return for a repeat experience.

Revenue Calculator:

Price charged: 


Other consumables**


Cost of tanning solution:


Working Days per month


Based on app 25 sprays per Litre 
**Consumables = G-strings/Mop Caps etc.

# of tans per dayRevenueConsumablesProfit per dayMonthly Profit

Note that these numbers can be achieved once you have set up your client data base and learned how to manage it effectively. However, experience shows that most clients prefer evenings or weekends and the busiest time is likely to be Thursday evening.


Learn to spray the Spraytanz way! 

Our  Spraytanz 101 Training Workshop is only available at 
Training Works in Rotorua.

Depending on your location, training can also be arranged in your premises.

Please Call 0800 SPRAYTANZ (0800 777 298) to book.

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