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Made right here in NZ our solution carries the smallest carbon footprint of any other solution available !

For your assurance our solution is formulated and manufactured in New Zealand to ISO Quality Standards.

Through extensive market research and use of specialist technology; each step of the production is closely monitored and meticulous care is taken to ensure only the highest quality standards and environmentally friendly procedures are satisfied.

Spraytanz produce only premium quality products from only the finest ingredients. All ingredients have been used in the cosmetic industry for many years and are approved for use by the FDA.

If you don't get an absolutely flawless finish from your tan, please contact us. We will investigate the cause and take immediate remedial action.

Spray Tanning Training

Have you ever wondered why some Tanning Technicians are really successful, what is the difference between them and you?                                                                                                                                                                  The difference could simply be in the training

Here at Spraytanz we know that good training is what will make your clients come back time after time. You'll feel much more confident because your techniques will be the very best and you will also be able to answer clients questions; and not just the 'How long will it last?' question.


Our Spraytanz 101 Workshop covers so much more than just practical demonstrations of spray tanning it covers all you need to know to spray clients confidently because we've been doing it for nearly 10 years - so you can be confident that your learning from the very best.

Our Spraytanz 101 Workshop is a detailed look at sunless tanning and will leave you feeling more confident in adding this profitable service to your treatment menu. This is a great opportunity for you to practice hands on techniques with your own model and be coached by our National Trainer. 

This course will leave you feeling empowered as a Tanning Technician, not just a spray tanner, with the confidence and knowledge of selecting the right solution for your client and crafting a natural looking sunless tan.

Our Spraytanz 101 Workshop is in two parts.

Part One:
 Once you have paid we send you out your 101 Training Manual which covers the Theory of Spray Tanning and incorporates years of experienced knowledge of the spray tanning world. Here at Spraytanz we reckon that knowing the theory, understanding how spray tanning works and being able to answer client questions, is just as important as knowing how to spray someone.

Part Two: This is where you attend the workshop to learn the practical side of spray tanning, as well as a range of other great spray tanning tips and hints. The workshop is available  in Rotorua. Our Trainin Technicians have  sprayed hundreds of clients with over 10 years of experience in running a spray tanning business.

Note that we have no set days for the workshops; once you have paid we contact you to organise a date and time for your one-on-one workshop session.

Although it is a one-on-one session, you will neede to bring a model with you when you attend the workshop for practice purposes.

The workshop lasts approx 2/3 hours and covers:

  • Basic System and Tent Maintenance

  • How DHA Works with Skin Types

  • The 3 P’s of a Perfect Tan

  • The 5 Section Application Method

  • Practical Spray Tanning

  • Clients Frequently Asked Questions's

  • Price Includes our Spraytanz 101 Workshop Manual

  • A Certificate of Achievement is awarded on completion

The cost of the Spraytanz 101 Workshop is $225+GST. Please click HERE to purchase, we will contact you to organise dates and times as soon as payment is made

If you're not able to take a Spraytanz 101 Workshop you could still learn a lot by reading our Workshop Manual.

Read below to see what Lani had to say about her experience of the Spraytanz 101 Workshop:

"I have to say I was very impressed with the training. By the time it came to finishing I was very hyped up about the idea to get out there and start spray tanning!

I loved the Workshop, and Jacqui, you make it a breeze to learn from ! Thanks again for the training and I will definately be having a think about purchasing a pack.

As ever .... With SPRAYTANZ your future is the perfect solution to looking absolutely stunning!!

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