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Spraytanz is now used in over 1200 outlets throughout New Zealand; and our 'Absolutely Stunning' branding is now instantly recognised by your potential clients.

Don't just take our word for it take some time to check the Testimonials page and read what some of our satisfied clients say about us.

Contact Us

Registered head office :

3 Miranda Place
Rotorua 3015
New Zealand

0800 SPRAYTANZ (777 298)

Wondering what makes Spraytanz stand out from the rest of the crowd?

  • All of our Solutions are 100% Made In New Zealand by the ONLY Organically Certified, ISO Approved, Cosmetic Manufacturer, located on Auckland's North Shore
  • Spraytanz Ltd was first established more than 9 years ago and our CocoTanz's Solutions are New Zealand's No 1 leading brand

Here at Spraytanz what we're most proud of is that we have an absolutely stunning solution made by an Organically Certified Cosmetic Manufacturer right here in New Zealand. Thousands of people have been sprayed by our solution and loved it! Don't just take our word for it, click HERE to read some of our fabulous feedback.

uses only the purest distilled water and along with a range of natural and organic products where possible to create our absolutely stunning spray tanning solutions.

Many have tried and failed to copy our unique secret formula which is made here in New Zealand to reflect our 100% pure reputation.

Spraytanz solutions result in an absolutely stunning, natural looking spray tan; and they're also a luxurious skin treatment, a skin moisturising treatment and a perfect blend of natural ingredients formulated to create the PERFECT spray tan! 

Thousands of people have been sprayed by Spraytanz and loved their absolutely stunning tan!! Why not join them or take a minute to scroll down and read OUR STORY!

Spraytanz is the Brand leader in the NZ Spray Tanning industry by introducing organic spray tanning solution formulated to suit New Zealand skin types; and by producing high-quality innovative, spray systems and exciting new spray tanning concepts to the New Zealand market place.Brand Leader

Spraytanz continually strives to set new standards and revolutionise the spray tanning industry by focusing exclusively on the business of spray tanning and not getting side-tracked into other beauty products.Set Standards

Spraytanz is not a third party distributor; we are 100% Kiwi owned and operated and our solution and products are manufactured here in New Zealand because that's where we love to live!100% Kiwi

Spraytanz understands what makes good products and equipment, because we have been in the business of spraying clients on a daily basis for over eight years and we enjoy passing this expertise onto YOU the client.EXPERTS

Spraytanz invests many months researching products worldwide and working with our ORGANICALLY CERTIFIED Cosmetic Manufacturers to develop our perfect solutions which are manufactured right here in their SGG approved premised on the North Shore!
We wouldn't be as silly as to 'eat from their floor' - but be assured that there is no other company where everything is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the whole of New Zealand.
R and D

In creating our product lines Spraytanz have incorporated the best quality ingredients available and matched them with our top-quality equipment options to provide the VERY BEST spray tanning experience available.The BEST

So what else makes Spraytanz different from the rest of the crowd? 

It's simple really... read our story below and you'll see we know what we're talking about! For over 11 years we have only ever concentrated on Spray Tanning, we don't spread out our business with a load of other beauty stuff, we just do spray tanning - and we reckon that's what makes us the experts!! Call  0800 777 298 anytime you want to know something about spray tanning and we'll have the answer.

Our Story:

Spraytanz is a boutique New Zealand based company. Having decided many years ago to give up suffering harmful sun effects we had since then only used healthy self-tanning products. 

When spray tanning was first launched obviously we were excited about it and we ended up trying most of the solutions available at that time and because we loved the way you could get a fabulous tan in less than 10 minutes without any harm, we decided this was an industry we wanted to be a part of. Imagine something so healthy could make you look so good in such a small time for such a small fee. Who could resist it? 

A lot of solutions we tried had been imported into New Zealand from distant shores, and because we weren't always happy with the result we thought we'd better do something about it instead of just complaining!

So we did! We decided that if we could create a formulation made right here in New Zealand that looked fabulous, it would make life much easier for us .... so we did just that!


The result was COCOtanz! When you try it, we feel sure that after your spray you will stand in front of the mirror and either say you look, or feel, 'Absolutely Stunning'. As many of the people we tested it on said just that, we decided to incorporate it into our branding! We have since decided to call it 'Your Perfect Solution" as we believe that's exactly what it is!


It took nine long months of testing to perfect the secret formula for our solution, and when it was finished we loved it so much we started out from home spraying friends and relatives. Word got round and we built up a great spray tanning business. When people started to ask if they could buy our solution.. we created Spraytanz so others could enjoy it too.

Why not make Our Story Your Story?

Buy one of our Business Kits from our ONLINE SHOP and set up your own home based Tanning Studio. All you need is a spare room, or space in your garage; and a spray tanning kit and off you go! Or, if you're a Beauty Salon, why not buy a kit to incorporate into your menu of services that you offer.

We can guarantee you will have lots of fun and remember; most of you know at least 10 people, if they all had one spray per week, then you're on your way to earning over $450 in spray on revenue!!

Click HERE to find out more about running a business.

Take some time to our FEEDBACK page and see what others have to say about Spraytanz. Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you find it informative and useful. If you can think of anything that could improve it please let us know.

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Phone:  0800 777 298
Calling from outside New Zealand Phone: +64-7-347 64 47
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