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BRIDAL TAN - *CLEAR  9% DHA* product picture

Spray Tan Solutions


**NEW PRODUCT formulated especially for Brides and those who prefer not to have any bronzer.

Product Options :

Weight/size : 1 LITRE

Price : $95.00+gst
Qty :

Total : $95.00 (+gst)


100% Made In New Zealand
by the ONLY Organically Certified, ISO Approved, Cosmetic Manufacturer, located on Auckland's North Shore.

Spraytanz Ltd is New Zealand’s leading brand and was first established more than 9 years ago.

(95) TanYa Points are available on this purchase for all VIP Members

To spray or not to spray? That’s the pre-wedding conundrum alabaster brides face before their big day. It seems many future Brides share similar pre-wedding fake-tan phobias: “Will the tan rub off on the dress?”; “Should I just tan myself?”; and “When should I book in for a spray tan?” were some of your most pressed tanning concerns. 

Our advice? For a truly flawless faux bronze, it’s best to call in the professionals. Because a Bride should only use a Professionals for their special day.

Our solution to the above is our ...


BRIDAL TAN SPRAY TANNING SOLUTION IS CLEAR !! NO BRONZERS!!! . It is clear, no Bronzers or Colour guide to show where you have sprayed. Tanning Technicians need to have an excellent eye and a confident hand to use this product. But it will give fabulous results for your Brides on their big day!


  • Parabens

  • Fragrance

  • Bronzers

9% DHA will suit most skin types.

Instructions for Use:

Most tanning solutions contain a Bronzer which has several functions. It can act as a colour guide to the Tanning Technician, it gives an instant WOW for the client, and it also combines with the solution to give depth and longevity to the final colour.

As this is a CLEAR solution without Bronzer we suggest you increase the amount of solution you spray on to approx 50-80ml per client to ensure the colour will develop to a nice deep tan, however it may not last as long as a normal spray tan so it's best to advise your clients to:

  • Not wear anything tight that might cause skin friction

  • Rinse off after 6-8 hrs in a warm water shower

  • Avoid any activities that could cause exfoliation

  • Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! 

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